The Fleece

As our times of study continued, I saw the southern gentleman get closer and closer to the truth. It reminded me of the times I taught my children to read – those “light bulb” moments when they “got it”. I was occasionally asked questions by my family about the possibility of a future, but I refused to think about or even discuss it. I was on a mission and that mission was not accomplished yet.

One afternoon, after quite a few hours of study, I told this gentleman that he would one day find that his journey in studying the Scriptures would come to a fork in the road.  He would have to choose whether to remain where he was or choose to travel a new path. He agreed, looked down at the Scriptures, paused and then looked up….and I knew that the light bulb moment was about to happen…it was the look on his face.  It was priceless!

He was so excited…”I’m there!”  “Where?” I asked… “I’m at the fork now! I need to choose!”  He began to share how the culmination of what he had been learning for months had finally come together. He understood.  The truth stood before him in the Scriptures and he was running towards it!

He told me there was something he needed to do…and I wondered if this would be the answer to the fleece.  He shared what he felt like he was being led to do…it was extreme!  I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do that…he was positive.  I asked if I could be there, which puzzled him…”Don’t you believe me?”  “Yes”.  He was a man of honor and I had no doubt he would do what he said…but I wanted to see the answer to the fleece take place in person!

We scheduled it for a day or two from then.  It was very hard to keep quiet but I knew that this had to happen with out any prompting or encouragement from me.  This had to be his deal alone.

The day arrived.  It took several hours to accomplish the task.  He asked if we could pray first….and we did.  I think he was scared…he was letting go of something he had fervently believed and running full steam towards Abba and His Word. Change is always hard…even good change.  However this gentleman never waivered…he was bent on doing what he felt called to do.

When it was over, and we got back into the car I told him….

“That was the fleece.”

His answer…”What was the fleece?”

“What you just did.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I’m serious.”

“What does that mean…how do things change now?”

“It means we can spend time together outside of study…to see where Abba might lead us.”

This southern gentleman’s face lit up…he took my hand and gently kissed the back of it and then quickly apologized if he had been out of line. It was the first time we had ever touched. We talked a bit about his decision and what that meant for his future spiritually. We talked a bit about how we could spend time together in a way that would please Abba and allow us to truly get to know each other.

I think he smiled all the way back to the farm.

And now the story truly begins…..

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