Farm Life….

Pardon my absence…I’ve been busy dealing with this….IMG_20150629_170254742Yep, got a call while in town….”I think your field is on fire!”  Got home and immediately called the fire department. Neighbors came from all around to help.

IMG_20150629_172239614These guys were awesome – the Mosheim Volunteer Fire Department! Thanks to them no loss to buildings or livestock.

I learned a lot of things….that our local  fire department is amazing!

That we live in a terrific valley with great neighbors who saw the smoke and came running to help.

And that if I had the choice between the two of these to fight a fire…


I’d pick the shovel every time!

A few days later, this happened…

IMG_20150706_201911394_HDRIt’s hard to see from the picture but smoke is pouring out of the headliner along the windshield.  We smelled it before we saw the smoke. Yep, the headliner was on fire on the inside….fun…

It’s a known issue and there was a re-call for this…however when you called to have it fixed they “didn’t have the parts”.  Funny….they have them now…and I have a loaner vehicle for a week.

Then…my mama took a nasty fall. We are making some changes to help her be a little safer.

And, I am waiting on news about grandbabies!  Life is about to get very busy!

Next post I will be back to the story….it’s about to get exciting!


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