The Word

The southern gentleman began to use the word “love”… not in a light-hearted way but very seriously.  I had to put my foot down hard! I told him in no uncertain terms that I did not love him nor did I think he knew me well enough to love me. After all, we were just studying the Scriptures together.

His response? Irritating! He told me that out of respect for my request, he wouldn’t use that word anymore but he quickly followed that with “HOWEVER, every time you hear the word like, you just know, in that pretty little head of yours, that it means love”.

Now, what was I supposed to do with that?

I definitely enjoyed this gentleman’s sense of humor, deep respect and thoughtfulness. However, there was still a serious theological issue.  He was grasping bits and pieces of the truth but having a hard time letting go of some teachings that he had been exposed to that were definitely not scriptural. I began praying and asking Abba to help me show him the truth in a fashion he could grasp and hang onto.

I asked Abba for a fleece for direction on what to do with this man who would not go away. My kids all liked him. My mom liked him. I just could not go there. I didn’t think about him. I didn’t daydream about “what if” or the future.  This was purely a mission on my part to help lead this man to truth.

I felt like Abba gave me an answer. I was to keep things as they were until one particular thing happened. Once that happened, it would show me that he had finally set the incorrect teachings aside and was grasping truth so deeply that he would be unwilling to ever look back!

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