The Beginning

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And I was praying…asking Abba what in the world I was supposed to do with a man who would not take no for an answer. I felt as if we had established a friendship and shared many similar interests however there were enough differences that I knew we were not compatible. The question was…how do I convince the gentleman?

And then it began…..

The proposals…dozens of them…hundreds of them.  They were worked into every text, email or conversation…often multiple times a day. They were always done gently and with great humor.  I never felt pressed or pressured. However, I clearly understood that his hopes had not changed…nor were they likely to change.

He very clearly expressed his belief that our Father had caused our paths  to cross for the purpose of marriage and that he was willing to wait. I also believed our Father caused our paths to cross…but certainly not for the same reason.  I knew it was to help this gentleman find Truth.

And, he was finding truth! He was diligently studying the Scriptures and as he began to understand certain concepts he would immediately apply those concepts to his life and make the necessary changes so that his beliefs and actions lined up with the Word. It was exciting to see someone seeking after the Father so completely.

Our studies continued over the weeks.  I saw this as a friendship based on bible study and that is all.  I had no feelings for this man nor interest in a future with him and I made that very clear. I did not want to mislead him in anyway. I managed to laugh through the proposals (as did he) but I definitely understood that there was a very serious under current running through each one.

For accountability purposes, I let all my sons know what this man’s intentions were.  I also told them not to worry…nothing would come of this. I asked one son to drop by during one of our study sessions. I felt like he needed to check this man out and I wanted this man to know that I had 4 gun-toting very protective sons who loved their mama. I thought it might put a damper on the proposals. Although the southern gentleman seemed a bit nervous, it certainly did not slow down his proposals at all.

I also shared what was going on with my mama…who surprisingly had great empathy for this gentleman. She became his cheerleader. I explained to her that there were differences that I could not accept. She seemed to understand

And then the gentleman did something…and I had to put my foot down…hard!

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