Believe it or not….

Believe it or not…I did not hit anything!  Nor did anyone hit me, drop garbage or diapers or any of the other great suggestions.

So, what happened?  The tire blew out.  A new tire on a fairly new Jeep. A Michelin tire! The Jeep only has about 30,000 miles on it. However, when it blew, it separated the tread which beat the front of the car to death.  $4,000 worth of damage from a blown tire!

The explosion was so loud that the car behind me pulled over because he though it was his tire. I thought someone had shot the tire.

I could put my whole hand right through the tire.

Neither of the sheriffs who came to my aid could believe it.  The wrecker service couldn’t believe it.  Even the body shop was shocked.

So Mr. Michelin….how do you explain that?  Or perhaps I need to ask the dealer…

I’m just praising my Abba for His protection!  No one was hurt. I managed to get the Jeep safely off of the road and insurance is covering it.

Amanda, you used the word tire in your answer…you were the closest!  Email me and let me know which bar of soap you’d like!

Next post, we’ll get back to the story!


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