My Favorite Wrapping Paper

The best gifts come wrapped like this…

My favorite box...

My favorite box…

Once you open the box, you open a world of new opportunities for great health!  I just finished a great course on herbal medicine in a post-disaster situation. This box is filled with herbs to help treat  bacteria, viruses, shock, pain and many other things.  Many of these herbs I’ve never used before.

This box is filled with roots, barks, flowers, leaves and moss…don’t you just love the name “Old Man’s Beard”?

Herbs of all Kinds!

Herbs of all Kinds!

This week I get to “work” them up.  I’m looking forward to that time! Some are for teas and some are for simples ( one herb tinctures) and some are for formulas (tinctures involving more than one herb). Isn’t that a pretty sight?

This then required me to make a trip to the liquor store where I ordered a case (yes a case!) of vodka. I’m getting quite the reputation…in this town “nice” people don’t go to the liquor store. I’ve been three times in the last 45 days!  I’m sure the nice gentleman behind the counter is thinking…”she doesn’t look like an alcoholic”.

I hope a case is enough…

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