A hitch-in-yer-git-a-long…

This is called a hitch-in-yer-git-a-long…



This is what happens when a two year old is running full speed, trips and lands his sweet little head on the top of your foot! When it comes to a fracture, better my foot than his head!

Thankfully it is only a stress fracture and I should be back at full speed in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I’m getting caught up on work I can do sitting down. I’m keeping it covered in my Arnica salve during the day for the swelling but I’m using the big guns at night for pain relief…my Aches Away salve! It still works on swelling but it helps me sleep easily throughout the night! I am very grateful to Abba that it wasn’t worse for either of us!

Which brings me to the exciting work I did after the clean-up of the hen house….(so glad I got that done before I ended up in a boot!)

Drop by tomorrow to see what I harvested!!


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