Coyotes…boy are they plentiful this year!  We’ve been seeing a pair down in the corner of one of our fields almost every night…and sometimes in the daytime!

I think they are scouting out our chicken coop for an easy supper.  We’ve beefed up security!

Last night I was working at my desk when Keli went crazy right outside the door by my office.  I about came out of my chair it startled me so much!

Normally when this happens, we go outside with a spotlight to see if we can see what she is barking at.  We’ve seen coons, deer, foxes and occasionally a coyote in the far field. So, of course we did that last night.

Imagine our surprise when we opened our door and saw 6…count ’em….SIX coyotes under the oak tree.  Did I mention that the oak tree is just several yards from our driveway!  It also happens to be where the chicken coop is at the moment! TOO CLOSE FOR MY COMFORT…AND THE HENS!

Of course, they took off when they saw us and my son ran for the rifle. It was a race!  Could they get out of range before he got back with the rifle….I might have heard the music from the Lone Ranger show…

My son and I ran to the end of our driveway, I was operating the spot light for him.  We saw the glow of eyes on the other side of the coop on the hill.  He fired and the eyes disappeared.  We’ll go looking for bodies today but he doesn’t think he hit any of them. Farm life often involves looking for bodies…not one of my favorite jobs….unless we are looking for baby goats or chicks…or keats!

The coyotes have never been this bold and never have we seen more than a pair of them at one time.

We need to protect our livestock!  We had some trouble a few years ago with a coyote stealing chickens from our farm and from some of our neighbors.  Someone took care of that problem when the coyote was on their land.

It’s been years since we’ve had to deal with them.  I don’t know if the early snow and cold is making it harder for them to find food or if their population has increased locally.

Do any of you have a coyote problem? How did you handle it?  We are looking for solutions and would be grateful for your input!

On another topic, over at the Healthy Child Summit today you can listen to a free presentation by Jessika Bailey from Natural Mother Magazine. She  will be talking about “The Vaccine Decision- What Parents Need to Know.”  Just click on the logo above or in the sidebar to learn more about it.

Can’t wait to hear how you handle your coyote problems!
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  1. Certain times of the year I’ll hear coyotes howling from one hillside and others answering back from across the valley here in eastern Ohio. My dogs will even join the song. I do think I saw one dart across the field recently and found a dead deer I think the coyotes were try to drag into the brush. The deer was likely injured or killed by hunters. A hunter who comes regularly in the fall hasn’t gotten a deer yet, but he said he has shot several coyotes (not sure the exact count). So far my poultry pens and barn cats remain secure. I had more trouble last year with a fox and her pups.

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